Super mutant- grave steps Translucent "Tasting Blood" Red Vinyl

Image of Super mutant- grave steps Translucent "Tasting Blood" Red Vinyl
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Thunderous Creative Stereo Destroying Technical Power violence With Shades of Sensibility Tuneage Buried Deep With in The Grooves
2-Tasting Blood
3-Grave Steps
5-...And Gnashing
13.34 in Total Florida Attacks hereTranslucent “Tasting Blood” red vinyl -344
Translucent “Tasting Blood” red vinyl w/black speckles -6 numbered -yellow sleeves 3 sent to lucky pre orders
Corpse blue -75
Slime green-75
lowdown brown 40 -
seein’ red -77
66 of the above sleeves come with stickered, stamped, dedicated poly inner sleeve spread across the colorways pre order edition
jon’s orange-77 numbered in green on inner stamped stickered sleeve 16th birthday press sold via ignite record store and mailorder
All copies come complete with 6 insert double sided insert
Test press of 10 copies -black vinyl no sleeve
pre -order 66 editions sent out as follows
1-22 red sleeve
23-46-blue sleeve
47-56-brown sleeve
57-66 green sleeve