Image of Coldfront -Somethings never change vinyl record

Coldfront -Somethings never change vinyl record


Coldfront is pop-punk/punk rock band from Oakville, Ontario.Their second EP, Some Things Never Change is one of the most refreshing releases to come out of this genre in a while, as it contains all the elements that make for a timeless release. If you like your punk music to be catchy, fast, relatable and angry, this release is for you. This has the potential to put Coldfront on the map; it’s just a matter of people listening to it realizing that this needs to be heard by everyone. This just might become one of those timeless pop-punk EPs that you find yourself always going back to now available again on Colour vinyl (LIMITED VINYL AVAILABLE IN 2 VARIANTS)
Black w' white inside out Swirl ...(Matches the cover )
Frosty Translucent Clear w' White splatter (Looks like Snow falling )
Solid White vinyl
Solid Black Test pressing of 10 copies