flex void/demo 8 Track 7 inch color vinyl e.p

Image of flex void/demo 8 Track 7 inch color vinyl e.p

Passionate American Hardcore
3-Los Angeles
5-Don't forget
6-Death bed
7-Flexed youth
8-Losing control
Fans of Carry on,Go it Alone,Down to nothing Chuck this in your Record collection ...see the Pictures of the vinyl down below,Record ships the same day if not ordered with Pre order thanks Various shades of Blue vinyl if you order Two you will get two Different versionsvinyl 250 solid Royal solid blue vinyl w/full color lables

62 solid Royal blue w/green streaks
10-solid Royal blue w/ cut and splattered lables (numbered in pink sleeves with white cat ) sold as a double pack only in August 2013 via mailorder w/the flex/vices
200 black w/white cat covers
105 white w/black cat covers
10 Red sleeves test press w/ black numbered vinyl
12 record release covers in pink w/black cat sent to flex 1-10 numbered 11 and 12 are */! marked