Renounced Conditioned From Birth Double Vinyl E.P 7 LEFT

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Please welcome Renounced to our Hardcore Roster keeping with the D.i.y ethos and a new addition to the already very healthy London Hardcore scene, taking influence from the tail end of the 90s and more so the rarely replicated early 00s sounding like the best bits of 7 Angels 7 Plagues, This Day Forward, SkyCameFalling and more than a nod to Martyr AD's first album in some of the frankly crushing breakdowns.

This is a master-crafted homage to a near forgotten epic in Hardcore history.Occasionally a release reminds me metalcore is a genre that can still excite me. ‘Conditioned From Birth’ is one of those all-too-rare records. The fact that it’s coming out on Atonement is almost a guarantee of quality in itself, and the presence of ex-Abolition/Bird Calls riff merchant Sam Knight in the band line-up means the musicianship is guaranteed to be top notch, but even taking those factors into account, I don’t think I was expecting something this good. Unashamedly worshipping at the altar of late-90’s/early-00’s metalcore means Renounced serve up a powerful blend of juddering riffs, technical guitar-work, harsh vocals and melodic flourishes that makes me get all dewy eyed about an era before the genre became associated with pig squeals and sketchy synth breakdowns. Indeed, ‘Conditioned From Birth’s backward-looking-ness and reluctance to acknowledge current trends actually helps to make numbers like ‘Empty’ and the absolutely storming ‘Nothing’ sound fresh and exciting when juxtaposed against some of the hackneyed tripe masquerading as metalcore these days. Renounced have delivered on of 2013’s best debut releases.up for Pre- order now over at With a Release date of 24 March 2014 Speedowax 17th Birthday done in style for a sweet looking/sounding Colour Double vinyl that Diehards will cherish forever, Records will be sent March 17th to hit the Worldwide release of March 24th