vices/flex 5 Track Split 7 inch Vinyl record

Image of vices/flex 5 Track Split 7 inch Vinyl record
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Vices from Florida offer up a unique No warning meets '90s Hardcore Blend that delivers Killer tunes that will keep you coming back to the turntable to spin this bad boy time and time again
1-Rolling Stones
2-Meddlin' kids
Flip over the wax to get three singalong anthems from
1-Wont let it win
2-Proud to be UnAmerican
3-Holding on
Fans of Go it alone,Down to nothing,Backtrack,No warning check in... Vinyl ships the same day unless ord with a Pre order.. Vinyl pics are down below if you order two you,ll get two different sleeves and colorways...thanks alot previousnext12
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Client: Flex / Vices
Vices – Flex

feb 23rd 2013

color one solid white – 110

color two solid white w/black whisps -104
color three-solid white w/yellow whisps -104
Sleeves -
Ron burgundy -125
After eight Green-125
Midnight Blue- 20
Midnight Black 20
bizarro kaki- 9 the band images are wrong on this version we dont know why we never even asked for this color ? a bit of fun (=
green rage- 19 the band images are green like they got hulk rage we sent these out to random pre orders
Test press 10 black vinyl numbered in spots and dots sleeve (Eighties style sleeve)
20 of the above got random stamped inner covers with signed and dedicated sleeves