Weight of the world no promised land- Translucent Violet vinyl

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Atom057:Furious Passionate Lyrics about "real topics " in this world..along with their melodic yet traditional style Hardcore influnced by Go it alone,Battery,Section 8. Florida's WotW deliver 5 Anthemic pieces of well constructed,tortured Heartfelt art delivered with sincere honest punk rock integrity that is the real deal as it is awesome
1-Rational man
2-Park place
5-No promised land
Recorded by Daniel Colombo at Iceman studios
Photography by JL Schnabel and Garrett Elkins
Lyrics by Dilon Dente Please Listen, Like Buy
Weight of the World also refers to a hardcore band from South Florida. Initially, the band started as Mitch Zientz and Dillon Dente; writing all songs and recording the songs themselves. They have a 3-song demo cassette that was recorded between 2009 and 2010 and a 5 track cassette titled “No Promised Land” that was released in 2011.Both are available on their bandcamp at
150 translucent violet vinyl
110 solid black vinyl
25 grey sleeve numbered on inner cover includes 1 of each color vinyl sent to pre orders
100 purple sleeve sent to the band,Retail stores,a mixture of both colorways were placed into this version
35 green sleeve 25 were sold as Record release version from the band 10 extra were sent to random pre orders
25 Blue sleeve sent to American pre orders
25 red sleeve 20 exclusive to different kitchen 5 were used for test pressings
30 yellow sleeve 25 sold exclusive at Ignite record store Birmingham 5 used as test pressings
5 test pressings black vinyl with yellow numbered lables yellow sleeve
5 test pressings black vinyl with red numbered lables red sleeve